Erensia Behmoiras Membership

At this time we are asking all to join or rejoin Erensia Behmoiras by paying a membership fee. The yearly membership dues are: $30 for the first person in a household and $10 for each of the others above 18 years of age belonging to the same household. Ideally we would like all of you to join Erensia Behmoiras. Therefore, for those who feel that the fees are an obstacle to joining, we leave the amount flexible and at the discretion of the individual. Any token amount would be acceptable.

To those who live in the US, Canada, Turkey, Britain, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba, make your checks payable to Erensia Behmoiras and send them to:

Rafael Benaroya, 226 Early St., Park Forest, IL 60466 – USA

To those who live in Israel, make your checks in equivalent Shekels payable to:

Erez Ben-Shlomo, Hurgin 6 st., Ramat Gan 52356 – Israel

To those living in France, make your checks (drawn on a French bank in equivalent € Euros) payable to Erensia Behmoiras and send them to:

Jean-Claude de Soria, Altamira, 26 boulevard Napoléon III, 06200 Nice – France

To all those who cannot draw checks on US, Canadian, Israeli, or French banks, we recommend to pay the dues by bank transfer to:

Account Nr 74219171099,  in the name of Erensia Behmoiras held by Banque populaire Centre Atlantique, in Brive la Gaillarde (France)

IBAN: FR76 1360 7000 3574 2191 7109 939